You worked hard for your beautiful Forever Smile, then this happens…

Your wisdom teeth have come in. Don’t panic.

Wisdom teeth, or third molars are located on each side of the jaw in the very back and the last teeth to erupt – typically emerging between the ages of 17 and 25. In some cases they may come in painlessly, with little or no impact on the surrounding teeth. In fact, some people are fortunate enough to have plenty of room in their mouths for additional teeth. However, according to the American Association of Oral and Maxiofacial Surgeons, nine out of 10 patients will likely experience issues with at least one wisdom tooth.

So how do you protect your Forever Smile? If your orthodontic work is complete prior to your wisdom teeth coming in, Dr. Razdolsky will do a thorough examination prior to removal of your braces to check on the progress of your wisdom teeth and determine whether there is sufficient space for them to emerge successfully. Continued follow-up visits with the Forever Smiles team will also ensure we are able to track your progress.

Additionally, as you continue to visit your regular dentist for check-us, you will likely know exactly when your wisdom teeth come in and whether they are impacted (meaning they

haven’t broken the gums yet). During your regular check-up, your dentist will take x-rays to track wisdom tooth development. You can also help by telling Dr. Razdolsky and your dentist if you are having trouble or experience pain when opening your jaw, pain when you bite or chew, have swollen gums in the back of your mouth or side of your jaw. Simply being aware of when your wisdom teeth are coming in will help safeguard your smile investment.

Of course, the best determination for treatment of wisdom teeth will need to be made after a thorough evaluation by your personal dental care team. Given the probability that wisdom teeth can be problematic may require extraction to protect the smile you’ve worked so long for. If wisdom tooth extraction is the recommended course of treatment, earlier is better. Wisdom tooth removal before the roots have become firmly anchored can make the procedure easier and the recovery more comfortable.

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Back to School Survival Kit

The commercials and ads have already started and we are closing in on that time of year. Back to School shopping! At Forever Smiles we think no back to school shopping season is complete without the right supplies. Not paper, binders and pencils, but your back to school survival kit!

Your braces care survival kit is an emergency preparedness care pack to help you manage most dental issues that may arise. You can keep it in your backpack, purse or locker to make sure you’re always ready to care for your smile. What do you pack in a braces survival kit? Let’s shop supplies… Here are some of our favorite suggestions for your survival kit.

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