Peak Performance & Breathing

For some, back to school means back to sports. For student athletes returning to the court or field this fall, it also means training, and sports conditioning.

But did you know there is an increased correlation between breathing through your nose and enhanced sports performance? What’s more, breathing through your nose as opposed to your mouth has many benefits which are well documented.

Those who breathe through their mouth are more prone to using their upper chest and shoulders rather than their diaphragm. This can yield a shallower intake of air and result in a lower distribution of oxygen to the blood, reduced energy and even decreased stamina or endurance. Furthermore, mouth breathing as a norm in day-to-day activities can lead to other health issues, moodiness and even affect concentration.

Nasal breathing is not only important for improved sports performance, but also overall general health and preventing potential illness. When we breathe through the nose, we warm and humidify the air intake ensuring once it reaches the lungs it is at body temperature. Moreover, germs, bacteria and microbes are filtered out which can help in preventing potential illness.

So, what’s the correlation between mouth breathing and orthodontics?

“While proper breathing techniques are something that can be learned, there are instances where poor airway development in adolescence can hinder efforts,” said Buffalo Grove Orthodontist Dr. Yan Razdolsky. “Craniofacial development or malformation, malocclusion and jaw deformation can lead to airway obstruction and development of other health issues as well.”

There is considerable evidence to support good facial and jaw development to nasal breathing. Studies show a correlation between mouth breathing and development of a narrow jaw, distended nasal cavity, misaligned cheekbones and even crooked teeth. These developmental problems can be treated more effectively if diagnosed early by your Forever Smiles team.

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