New Software Eliminates the Need for Messy Impressions

BUFFALO GROVE, ILLINOIS – It’s no secret that Dr. Yan Razdolsky loves technology, so it shouldn’t be a big surprise to learn that our practice is one of only two in the state that has Anatomage Invivo5 anatomy imaging software.

We realize the mere name of the software may not be impressive to you, but here’s something most of our patients enjoy immensely: this software means gone are the days of our assistants having to take messy, goopy impressions of your teeth.

“This has completely transformed the way we collect information about our patients’ teeth alignment and bite,” Buffalo Grove orthodontist Dr. Razdolsky says.

Instead of the traditional method of taking impressions, Dr. Razdolsky collects digital 3-D data using this advanced, intuitive software. To fully appreciate this new software’s dynamic capabilities, you should know how orthodontists used to approach treatment.

Prior to 3-D capabilities, your orthodontist would take conventional 2-D X-rays of your teeth, along with those goopy impressions. This information, while useful, is limited in comparison to the information available with this new anatomy imaging software. Anatomage scans contain more than just the images of the crowns orthodontists collected by taking impressions. They also capture the roots, developing teeth, impacted teeth and alveolar bone.

You can view your own images and impressions as we display them on a computer screen. With the simple click of a button, we can show you images of your hard tissue, bone profile, airway and skin profile. You’ll probably never see such detailed renderings of your dental, skeletal, soft tissue, airway and sinus anatomy anywhere else! And perhaps you may not want to. But understand this: the information this software enables us to capture means that we are better equipped than ever to provide each and every patient with the absolute best orthodontic treatment possible. Now THAT should mean something to you.

Our iCAT FLX X-ray machine also is healthier for patients in terms of radiation exposure. One iCAT FLX 3-D volume/image is equal to one to two digital panoramic X-rays, or one to two days of background radiation simply from just being outside in Chicago.

This software is beneficial from an environmental standpoint, too. Being able to collect images digitally means we no longer have to develop X-ray film that requires the use of chemicals, which must be disposed of properly to prevent environmental hazards.

“No matter how you look at it, using this type of technology is just simply the best way to go,” Dr. Razdolsky says.

We added this software to our office in July after Dr. Razdolsky attended a seminar in Boston to learn how to use it to the fullest extent. So far, we’ve been happy with the information it has provided, and our patients are happy because we’re providing excellent treatment as a result.

This software also is healthier for patients in terms of radiation exposure. Exposure from one digital panoramic X-ray is less than the natural radiation exposure of simply being alive for one day...

The above paragraph refers to iCAT FLX x-ray machine itself not the software. One iCAT FLX 3D volume/image is equal to 1-2 digital panoramic x-rays or 1-2 days of background radiation of just being outside in Chicago.