We Show Students the Art Behind the Science of Orthodontics

The Tooth Fairy is a rite of passage for children throughout the world and in a sense, it’s a rite of passage into orthodontic treatment.

Think about it: you have to lose your baby teeth before you get braces in most cases. And when you lose those baby teeth, you usually earn yourself a visit from the Tooth Fairy.

The Tooth Fairy will be the central theme on March 16, 2014 when students from Art Studio “Artishock” visit Dr. Yan Razdolsky’s office for an educational fieldtrip. They will learn about the human growth and development process as it relates to the teeth. They’ll also gain insight regarding how orthodontic care affects oral hygiene, life of the teeth, and improves your looks and life quality. Then they’ll return to their studio and create art based on what they’ve learned and their interpretation of the Tooth Fairy.

Art instructor and “Artishock” founder Talia Prilutsky has instructed her students to create art based on their belief on whether or not the Tooth Fairy exists. She believes the end result will be a collection of artwork that will perhaps surprise the audience and maybe the artists, as well.

Everyone who visits our office will benefit from this art project, because all of the artwork will be on exhibit beginning April 5, 2014.

This is our second year of hosting an “Artishock” exhibit, and we’ll hold a contest once again this year, where patients, parents and visitors will be invited to cast their votes on their favorite work of art through May 9, 2014.

“Last year was a tremendous success,” says Anna Razdolsky, our operations manager. “Our office looked so beautiful with all of this incredible art on the walls, and everyone who visited our office was eager to point out their favorite.”

We want more of the same this year. Your votes are important, because they’ll determine which art students win some incredible prizes. The artist behind the winning artwork will be announced May 18 and will receive a scholarship to cover one semester of classes at Artishock, as well as art supplies. The award for second place is a scholarship for one semester of classes, while the third place winner will receive art supplies.

You can vote two ways: by visiting our office, or by “liking” your favorite art on our Facebook page, where we have posted photos. Happy voting!