Traveling Orthodontist

In most countries, the cost of braces will depend on the position of your teeth and the going rate in the area. Exceptions are made if you have a challenging case, jaw or health-related issues, or are seeking treatment from a specialist who provides cosmetic orthodontics.

But did you know that, in some countries, braces are set at a fixed cost or even covered by universal healthcare? Sometimes, this changes the entire course of treatment. For example, some practitioners select appliance and materials that are based solely on keeping patients in treatment longer! Can you believe?

Thankfully, Dr. Razdolsky and his wife Anna didn't meet such orthodontists on their most recent trip to Spain. However, they did take the time to visit several colleagues overseas to learn about the good standards of practice from international leaders in their field. Just another example of how Dr. Razdolsky explores ways to improve patient care at Forever Smiles.