Bracket Chatter: Consortium of Specialists

Dr. Razdolsky’s Annual Orthodontic Update Seminar

Dentistry is a field of specialists. You have the Dentist who makes sure your teeth and gums are healthy.  Dental Hygienists who specialize in cleaning your teeth and gums, Oral Surgeons who specialize in extractions and surgeries, Endodontists who focus on root canals, Pediatric Dentists who specialize in children’s dental needs, and Periodontist who deal with gum disease. Then you have Orthodontists, like Dr. Yan Razdolsky of Forever Smiles in Buffalo Grove who focus on straightening your teeth and bite. Simply put, it takes an entire team to care for your teeth and gums from childhood through adulthood. A team who must work collaboratively to ensure your absolute best overall oral health.

Orthodontics itself is a science. As with any science, information and studies emerge which shed new light on approaches and technology which can better serve patients’ needs. Due to these changes, the necessity of continuing education is critical and the sharing of that information across disciplines are particularly imperative for Dr. Razdolsky.

In answer to that calling, each year Dr. Razdolsky hosts a continuing education seminar for area dental practitioners. He had counted among his speakers, noted specialists from a variety of dental specialties around the world who share case studies and patient experiences to help improve the quality of treatment for all patients in our area and around the country. Programs like this are critical to improving patient outcomes, as through this collaborative approach, Dr. Razdolsky and other area dental health professionals can resolve some of the most challenging dental cases, offer the highest quality care and help patients achieve a healthy, beautiful Forever Smile.

This year’s program, held on October 11 hosted nearly 150 area dental professionals and featured Dr. Victoria Ursitti and Dr. Konstantin Gromov. Dr. Ursitti, an area Pediatric Dentist is committed to providing educational programs and volunteers services to underserved children of our community. An area Periodontist, Dr. Gromov holds degrees in both Periodontics and Fixed Prosthodontics, and like Dr. Razdolsky, he believes in an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach to a beautiful, healthy smile. Together with Dr. Razdolsky, the speakers discussed the latest trends in dentistry, orthodontics and the difficult decisions in treatment planning.

Like all sciences, Orthodontics changes as research developments bring new information to light. This is one reason Dr. Razdolsky loves what he does so much. The ever-evolving nature of Orthodontics is fascinating. There is always more to learn and teach, which is why it is so important for all practicing dental health professionals to continue their education and stay abreast of the latest developments. In addition to theory, there are techniques, tools, and technologies all of which change. This means that old treatments can be obsolete within just a few short years as newer ideas and technologies emerge. Therefore, by hosting seminars and sharing of this valuable information, Dr. Razdolsky can help other professionals put into practice cutting edge new treatments. We cannot wait to see what Dr. Razdolsky’s program will teach us next year.