Suresmile® Offers High-Tech Treatment in Record Time

Patients and orthodontists sometimes have different goals when it comes to orthodontic treatment.

While they both share the same desire of improved smiles, patients often are most concerned with how quickly those improvements will come. Dr. Yan Razdolsky and the staff here at Forever Smiles tend to be most concerned with using the best technology to achieve the most desirable results.

Luckily for both parties involved, everyone’s goals can be achieved with one product: Suresmile®.

Suresmile® is a type of technology that involves 3D imaging and robotically bent arch wires. The technology eliminates the need for taking goopy, messy impressions of your teeth. Instead, we take a digital scan of your teeth and determine an optimal treatment plan using 3D virtual simulations, says Dr. Razdolsky, a Buffalo Grove suresmile® provider. Then, rather than bending the arch wires by hand to achieve desired tooth movements – which involves a bit of guesswork – we have customized wires created just for you that are bent by a robot. This enables us to create precise tooth movement in record time.8117142757_63b72f10a8_z

Other benefits include fewer office visits and less discomfort.

“The part that patients seem to like most is when we tell them they can complete their treatment about 40 percent faster than with conventional braces,” Dr. Razdolsky says. “The part I like is that we do this without compromising treatment quality.”

Out of more than 20,000 orthodontists in the U.S. and Canada, there are only about 350 who have integrated suresmile® into their practices so far. We can use this technology with traditional brackets, or with a lingual orthodontic system. Lingual brackets are those that are placed on the tongue-side of your teeth and aren’t noticeable to others.

Other suresmile® Benefits:

Another benefit to using the suresmile® treatment system may not mean much to patients, but it makes a huge difference for orthodontists. It involves show how teeth roots move in bone.

Suresmile® is the first tool that makes it possible for Dr. Razdolsky to plan orthodontic care using information gathered about root position within your supporting bone structure.

“Having a clear picture of how the teeth roots move in the bone is at the heart of orthodontic treatment,” Dr. Razdolsky says. “This has changed the way I diagnose patients for the better.”