Buffalo Grove Orthodontist Hosts Artishock Students, Exhibit

What makes you smile, Crocodile?

That’s the question we asked students from Art Studio “Artishock” earlier this month when they came to our office for a fieldtrip.

This was the third year the group made this educational fieldtrip to our office in Buffalo Grove. Orthodontist Dr. Yan Razdolsky explained the artistry involved in orthodontic treatment.

Students also learned about the human growth and development process as it relates to the teeth, and they were shown how orthodontic treatment affects oral hygiene, life of the teeth, and improves facial aesthetics and life quality. They also got to see our newest addition to our display of animal skulls -the Nile crocodile – which has joined our alligator skull and giant tooth-filled shark jaw. We use these visual aids to teach visitors about overbite, underbite and other types of malocclusion.

Now the students have returned to their studio to create art based on their interpretation of what makes them smile, Dr. Razdolsky says.

Next month, all of our patients and office visitors will be treated to the artists’ renderings, as we debut an exhibit of their work in our office. The art will be on display March 16 through April 30.

During that time, we will invite patients and guests to vote for their favorite work of art. You can do so by voting in person at our office, or you can vote via our Facebook page or our Instagram: foreversmilesbg. On Instagram, we will tag all photos with #ArtishockExhibit. Simply “like” your favorite.

Votes will be counted and winners will be announced in May. The artists whose work earns the most votes will win one of the following prizes:

  • First place- a scholarship to cover one semester of classes at Artishock, and art supplies
  • Second place- a scholarship for one semester of classes
  • Third place- art supplies

Good luck to our artists. We can’t wait to see what you create. Until then, see you later, Alligator!artishockcrocodile