Dr. Razdolsky Offers Candy Buy Back Program

BUFFALO GROVE, ILLINOIS – A broken orthodontic appliance can be quite a fright.

This year, we’re making it easy for all of you guys and ghouls to avoid the temptation of eating candies that may damage your braces. Take part in our candy buy back program- it promises to be a scream!

“We’re approaching the time of year when we see more patients with broken appliances or bent wires caused by eating candies that aren’t compatible with braces,” says Buffalo Grove orthodontist Dr. Yan Razdolsky. “We hope our candy buy back program will help some patients avoid the temptation by donating the candies that are unsafe for braces.”

Bring us your creepy caramels, terrifying taffies, and other chilling chewy candies. We’re also lurking for bubblegum, jellybeans, candy corn and licorice. All of these can be a nightmare for your braces. For every pound of these ghostly goodies you bring us, we’ll give you five tokens. Those tokens can be redeemed for great prizes that await you in our coffin…err…treasure chest.