There's Still Time for Our Candy Buy Back Program!

We’re not saying that you can’t enjoy the fruits of your trick or treating labor. Eat those milk chocolates or fresh-baked cookies and brownies you may be enchanted by at Halloween parties. Just remember to brush afterward to help prevent cavities. But leave the off-limits candies with us to rest in peace. All of your dreadful donations will be shipped- along with toothbrushes and toothpaste that we will donate- to U.S. troops serving overseas.

If you have a loved one serving overseas, please let us know. Perhaps we can ship these care packages to them!

It’s important to remember that every bent or broken wire or other orthodontic appliance can mean an extra trip to the orthodontist, and it can lengthen your treatment duration, says Dr. Razdolsky. Staying away from the foods that can damage your braces helps ensure you complete your treatment on time. Think about how proud your mummy and daddy will be if you finish your treatment on schedule!

“This is a great way to remove the temptation of candies that are on our hit list while supporting a great cause and earning some valuable tokens,” says Dr. Razdolsky.

If you’re an Invisalign patient, you’re well aware that no food is off limits to you, since you can remove your aligners to eat. While you may be the envy of patients who are in SureSmile and other treatment that involves braces, remember that Invisalign doesn’t create a force field against cavities. So remember to brush after eating candy.

We’re excited about this contest, and hope that you are, too. Please bring your candy donations to our office between now and Nov. 15. We will share the total donated amount in an upcoming blog post. For more information, call our office.