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The Mighty Little TADs

January 28th, 2019


The science behind successful orthodontic treatment requires a thorough understanding of biology and physics. For example, Newton’s Third Law. “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction,” describes the literal force necessary for tooth movement, realignment and bite correction. Therefore, Orthodontics uses physics, including the understanding of torque, pressure, pulling, pushing and the appropriate counteraction to straighten teeth.

According to Newton, forces always come in pairs -- equal and opposite. But what about those unusual cases where a simple back or forth isn’t going to correct an orthodontic problem? Sometimes equal and opposite means that in order to move a tooth the desired way, you must work up, down, in and even outside the mouth. For some patients, this means successful treatment may require headgear be worn for up to 12 hours or more per day. Ugh!

But for others, there can be great news in the form of a little titanium screw called a temporary anchorage device or TADs. These mini biocompatible screws are implanted into the jawbone to serve as anchors to aid in realignment. As the name implies, these mini implants are used temporarily then later removed after treatment. In some cases, Dr. Razdolsky can employ TADs as an alternative to headgear allowing for greater results in a less invasive way. TADs devices deliver more predictable results, can reduce treatment time, help avoid the removal of teeth, circumvent surgery and can even help patients avoid headgear altogether.

Take for example the case of a gummy smile. Truly there is not a set definition of what makes a smile gummy, but you’ll likely know one when you see it. Often patients who are considered gummy have an excessive gingival display of about 3mm or more. It is interesting that the condition is more common in women than men. Additionally, there can be a number of causes, and therefore treatments available – including in some instances TADs.

Take, for instance, the patient in example one (left) has extended maxillary central incisors. Through the use of TADs, Dr. Razdolsky and the team were able to apply the proper force to vertically align the patient’s teeth for a straighter smile. Similarly, the patient in example two (right) had both bicuspids lifted into alignment for a nice even aesthetic.

But what makes TADs even more impressive is when they are employed in more complex cases. Just take a look at the study diagrams below and see how Dr. Razdolsky uses TADs along with a lingual arch to shift the second maxillary molars and completely realign this patient’s anterior open bite. Pretty cool when you think about it. All this from a tiny, but very mighty little screw. The force is strong with this one.

TADs A Cause for Celebration

December 17th, 2018

Dr. Yan Razdolsky and his daughter, Dr. Elizabeth Razdolsky-Michalczyk celebrated her birthday in style at an education conference in November. No kidding! There’s nothing that says party like sitting in a lecture. However, the program did feature orthodontic mini implants and temporary anchorage devices or TADs which are affixed to the patient’s bone to enable simpler, more effective treatment. In some instances, these advanced orthodontic devices can even replace headgear altogether. This is news worthy of celebrating for many patients, and a significant advancement in helping to treat a patient who otherwise might require surgery.

“Treating complicated orthodontic cases in uncomplicated ways, both non-surgically and even conserving teeth by avoiding extractions is a goal for us at Forever Smiles, said Dr. Razdolsky.

“We would always prefer to offer patients the least invasive treatments whenever possible,” he added.

At the two-day conference Dr. Razdolsky and Elizabeth participated in a hands-on workshop and open panel discussion where they learned the latest techniques for mastering effective TADs placement, mechanics and how to address more complex orthodontic cases using TADs.

And, although they did spend Elizabeth’s birthday at the conference there was still time for celebration. All the family gathered together in the evening, and yes… there was cake!

The Forever Smiles Holiday Movie Event

December 17th, 2018

Wow! So many thanks to our amazing patients, friends and families who joined us in our Forever Smiles annual holiday movie tradition. This event is one that the team looks forward to all year and has garnered quite a turnout with patients, family and friends. Past movie events have even been featured in the Chicago Tribune! Dr. Razdolsky and the Forever Smiles team had such a wonderful time at this year’s private movie event held Saturday, November 17 at the Buffalo Groves Theaters. This year we witnessed the magic of Fantastic Beasts - The Crimes of Grindlewald. We won’t spoil the ending, but surely this was one of our most magical movie events ever! We had so many guests in attendance we couldn’t even count.

“This is our way of saying thank you to our amazing patients and friends,” said Anna Razdolsky. “The holidays are a time of giving and sharing, and we want to remind our patients their smile is the most important gift of all!”

The Forever Smiles bright orange sweatshirt give-away this year nearly outshone the smiles on our faces (almost). There was lots of laughter and good times all around, along with mouth-watering popcorn, treats, and most importantly, lots of Forever Smiles!

As always, the Forever Smiles team really enjoys celebrating the Holidays with their patients and friends. See you next year!

We're Really Into Research

November 30th, 2018

Forever Smiles is proud to announce that we are part of the National Dental Practice-Based Research Network. This consortium of participating practices and dental organizations is committed to advancing knowledge of dental practice through research-based studies to improve clinical decision making. This new partnership will allow our office to offer our patients the latest technological advances in treatment materials and techniques, as well as participate in upcoming clinical trials to improve patient care nation-wide.

What makes this so important for you, our patient? Through affiliation with other dental health care providers and academic centers, Forever Smiles can research new opportunities for treatment and share expertise within our community. There's strength in numbers. This highly-successful network amasses topics and ongoing discussions regarding issues that directly impact patient treatment in daily practice by improving outcomes, satisfaction, and efficacy of treatment. Through his leadership and involvement in this network, Dr. Razdolsky will help develop and share clinical research advances and engage in discussion with other PBRN members about scientific approaches.

Dr. Razdolsky has a passion for education, and at Forever Smiles we welcome any questions related to the science behind dental and orthodontic treatment.


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