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Hygiene Protocol Update

May 20th, 2020

A letter from Dr. Razdolsky

May 18th, 2020

Virtual Career Day

April 28th, 2020

With Covid-19 having impacted us all so much, it is with great effort that our teachers work to apply a sense of balance to the lives of students. Such was the case when Diane Willock, Career Exploration Program Manager at Stevenson High School hosted a Virtual Career Exploration featuring our own Dr. Razdolsky and daughter Elizabeth.
In this educational online forum presented through Zoom, Dr. Razdolsky introduced students to the wide scope of orthodontic services, including the tools, instruments and emerging technologies used in treatment, as well as general career advice and resources for students interested in a career in orthodontics. The teleprogram also included a Q&A where Dr. Elizabeth talked with students about her PhD research and how students can make their academic applications stronger.
“Our goal was to overview for students the art, science and educational requirements behind this fascinating and challenging field,” said Dr. Razdolsky. “We have offered similar programs to students previously, but none have ever felt quite so profound as was one offered given our current circumstances.”
With all of Illinois under quarantine, the delivery format of programs such as this have certainly presented a whole new perspective. As Governor Pritzker has issued a ‘Shelter in Place’ order the office has suspended all but emergency cases.
“Our number one priority is for everyone to stay safe as we face the COVID-19 pandemic together,” said Dr. Razdolsky. “But we believe it is still important to remind our students, patients and families that their treatment and oral health are still vital to their overall health even in times like these.”
It is the mission of Forever Smiles to Inspire, Innovate, Create, Restore, and to make a difference in the communities they serve. For Dr. Razdolsky and Elizabeth, helping teachers and students through online education is a natural course of action in times like these.
Career Exploration Program Manager, Whitlock agrees. “I wanted to take a moment to send you a big THANK YOU for participating in our remote career exploration experiences last week! I was very pleased with how smooth everything went and how much great information was shared with our students,” said Whitlock. “This truly was such an invaluable resource that you provided for them. It has been a challenging time for all of us and I felt like these sessions helped create some normalcy in our high school student’s lives.” She added.

Dream Team Treatment for a Healthy Forever Smile

April 14th, 2020

In a recent case study published by, The Journal of Implant & Advanced Clinical Dentistry (JIACD), Dr. Razdolsky, his daughter Elizabeth R. Michalczyk along with their colleagues, Sergio Rubinstein, DDS and Barry P. Levin, DMD show us that a collaborative approach to treatment of an esthetic challenging case, which includes oral surgery, orthodontics and prosthodontics is often the only way to provide the most efficient standard of care. This in-depth study involved a seven-year-old patient with a congenitally missing (missing since birth) upper left central incisor. Although the patient had received orthodontic treatment for 6 years with another orthodontist, his parents were unhappy with the results and the long-term impact of his smile on his welfare was in serious jeopardy. You see, the patient’s previous course of treatment resulted in loss of time and proper treatment during critical stages of growth and development. Making matters more challenging, other disciplines had been excluded from the onset of treatment planning and care, leaving the patient in a distressed situation and further amplifying the patient’s unsatisfactory progress.

In search for a better outcome, an interdisciplinary dream team was created. With the guide of Prosthodontist, Dr. Rubenstein, the patient’s parents were presented with the new treatment plan. The goal? To reposition the patient’s teeth in their proper location, allowing for the missing central incisor to be replaced with an implant and implant supported crown. Consequently, leading to the initially expected esthetic, as well as a healthy and long-lasting result. You see, a single missing tooth is a common occurrence which has a not only an impact on the esthetics, but on the long-term health of the compromised bone, gum tissue, as well as potential for implant and final prosthesis. Time here, was of the essence.
With an interdisciplinary approach, our collaborative team evaluated the patient’s bite and esthetics in the case and determined that to treat the problem area in this patient, an implant crown on the upper left central incisor and direct bonding on the upper right central incisor were the best course of treatment.
To start, orthodontic treatment will position the teeth in the most esthetic, functionally optimal position, revealing not only a noticeably straighter smile, but also creating the necessary spatial distance between adjacent teeth to accommodate the future implant. Framing an implant-supported restoration with healthy hard and soft tissue for long-term stability is critical. Therefore, team collaboration throughout treatment necessary to ensure implant success.
In cases where teeth are congenitally missing as with our patient, there is typically an inadequate ridge, or surface area thickness to receive an implant without additional staging. Adequate bone thickness must be achieved to sustain the implant and achieve a healthy, esthetic success. Therefore, adequate tissue dimensions must also be created through surgical augmentation and provisional restorative therapy.

Here, three-dimensional CBCT scans are of paramount importance to our team for communicating and planning the proper implant location, proximity to adjacent teeth and evaluating the foundation to receive the implant. Any concerns must be addressed throughout treatment to avoid any potential miscommunication with the final implant position and design for the final restoration.
A person’s smile is more than a first impression or a way to communicate, it is a personal trademark that often determines an individual’s confidence and it plays an integral role in psychological­ social wellbeing and emotional health. This case study demonstrates how an example of poor planning and execution, can be converted by a new esthetic-prosthetic management to create a best-case-possible healthy result and optimal smile. With challenging cases such as these, an inter­disciplinary approach from the onset of treatment can provide patients with the best, and often most efficient standard of care.

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