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October 15th, 2018

In most countries, the cost of braces will depend on the position of your teeth and the going rate in the area. Exceptions are made if you have a challenging case, jaw or health-related issues, or are seeking treatment from a specialist who provides cosmetic orthodontics.

But did you know that, in some countries, braces are set at a fixed cost or even covered by universal healthcare? Sometimes, this changes the entire course of treatment. For example, some practitioners select appliance and materials that are based solely on keeping patients in treatment longer! Can you believe?

Thankfully, Dr. Razdolsky and his wife Anna didn't meet such orthodontists on their most recent trip to Spain. However, they did take the time to visit several colleagues overseas to learn about the good standards of practice from international leaders in their field. Just another example of how Dr. Razdolsky explores ways to improve patient care at Forever Smiles.

H2O So Good

October 2nd, 2018

Excessive consumption of sweets can have significant impact on your overall health. But for your oral health, one of the worst things you can do is consume lots of sugar. Why? Bacteria and sugar mix to create toxic acid which gets trapped in leftover food debris or dental appliances in the mouth. This acid can wear away the enamel of your teeth and lead to tooth decay. Even the chemical substances found in diet or sugar-free soft drinks alone can harm your teeth over time.

While brushing your teeth after consuming sugary foods or drinks can help, it’s equally as easy to prevent cavities and tooth decay if you just avoid soda, energy or sports drinks and switch to water. Just how much sugar can you avoid in one 16-ounce drink? Let’s look at the numbers...


Coca-Cola          52g Sugar (13tsp)

Sprite                  41g Sugar (10.25tsp)

Fanta                   59g Sugar (14.75tsp)


Red Bull              49g Sugar (2.25tsp)

Gatorade           36g Sugar (9tsp)

Powerade         29g Sugar (7.25tsp)

If you really want to make the best decision for your overall health, drink lots of water! Plus, tap water is infused with fluoride which helps strengthen your tooth enamel while you stay hydrated. So, next time you’re reaching for that soft drink, think about how much sugar is in it and consider having some healthy H2O instead.

Understanding How Long You’ll Wear Braces

September 18th, 2018

So, your family dentist just referred you to Dr. Razdolsky for braces. Now what? How long will it take for braces to straighten your teeth? From gaps to overbites, to teeth or jaw alignment there are many factors that can affect the duration a patient will need to wear braces. Read on to learn what you can expect.

The short answer? It depends.

There are many factors that determine the amount of time a person must wear braces including age, type of treatment and individual needs or issues that should be addressed. The latter factors have the greatest impact on duration, as a patient’s issues could be as simple as minor adjustment, or as major as jaw realignment.

While the time it takes for braces to do their thing varies greatly by patient, after an initial evaluation and consultation, Dr. Razdolsky can help you better understand the amount of time that may be required for your unique case. So, when your dentist says it’s time to begin treatment, Dr. Razdolsky and the Forever Smiles team will schedule your initial exam and you can have a better idea of what to expect.

Now that you know the short answer, let’s discuss the details…

At your initial appointment, Dr. Razdolsky will do a thorough oral and facial new patient examination to assess overall oral health and your unique orthodontic needs. Depending on this assessment a CBCT scan, facial photographs, digital impressions and/or x-rays may also be taken. Review and recommendation for your patient treatment program is provided upon a second appointment. This ensures Dr. Razdolsky and his team have had ample opportunity to evaluate all the data collected. It is at this treatment conference Dr. Razdolsky will review your orthodontic records, and show you examples of braces, clear aligners or any appliances that may be involved in your prescribed course of treatment. Also at that appointment, Dr. Razdolsky can answer questions specific to your case, as well as talk about the anticipated duration of your treatment.

On average, how long do braces take to work?

The average orthodontic treatment falls somewhere between 16-18 months, but can sometimes take as long as 24 months, or even more. Be wary of promises from anyone who says you can have a straight smile in only six months. While some patients may think they only need to close a gap, treatment in less than six months is fairly rare. What some patients may not see or know is whether their bite is appropriately aligned, the airway is properly open or is the palate formed correctly. These are the hidden maladies that can impact long term oral and systemic health. Only a qualified orthodontist like Dr. Razdolsky has the experience necessary to ensure you have the best results.

In cases of adult braces, the average length of treatment can be a bit longer than for children. Again, the actual time depends on the patient’s specific needs but since adult teeth have stopped growing and are set, they require more pressure to move. This means many adult patients can look to have braces anywhere from 18 months to about three years.

I hear some kids have to wear braces even longer!

Could be. In some cases, a younger patient may have a major alignment problem, such as a tooth coming in in the wrong place. In that case it could require tooth extraction and waiting for others to come in. Depending on the wait for remaining adult teeth, this process could take considerably longer. The Forever Smiles team can advise you of what to expect in your case.

Can I shorten the time for braces treatment?

Maybe. A patient who carefully follows treatment instructions can increase the likelihood they get their braces off sooner. This can be something as simple as maintaining proper oral hygiene or, in the case of aligners or removable appliances such as bands, wearing them for the full prescribed treatment time every day.

Patients should also practice proper eating habits while wearing braces. This includes avoiding sticky or hard food like gum, corn, popcorn, hard pretzels or chips and most candy, as this can improve the treatment time. Broken or missing brackets can stretch out the time required for treatment.

Finally, not everyone realizes how much more challenging it is to brush your teeth with braces, but doing it properly is very important. The good news is there are techniques for proper brushing that can also help to ensure your treatment plan stays on track. Dr. Razdolsky and the Forever Smiles team have some information which can help you understand the best way to take care of your braces at home and at school or work.

It is important to note, regardless of how long your treatment is scheduled to last, the time a patient is required to wear braces does not include the post-treatment retainer that’s necessary to ensure your Forever Smile lasts a lifetime.

Dispelling the Myths of Ortho

August 16th, 2018

At Forever Smiles, we love what we do- from helping our patients gain confidence through the smile they’ve always wanted, to treating them for issues like sleep disorders and difficulties in breathing. Improving the quality of our patient’s lives is ingrained in all that we do, as is our purpose to “inspire, innovate, create, restore.” What’s more, we like learning and even teaching others about the benefits of good oral health and he role of orthodontics to long-lasting overall health. That’s why we think back to school is the perfect time for Dr. Razdolsky and the Forever Smiles team to set the record straight on six common misconceptions about orthodontic treatment and braces.

#1. Isn’t anyone who provides braces or aligners is an orthodontist?

While some general dentists or online companies offer braces or aligners, only an orthodontist like Dr. Razdolsky who the additional years of advanced training can call themselves an orthodontic specialist. It’s not worth the risk of permanent damage to your face and smile to allow anyone who isn’t an orthodontist to attempt to move your teeth. At Forever Smiles, you’re getting a team of specialists with the skills and experience necessary to ensure your best smile.

#2. Why does it seem that braces are so expensive?

Braces from Forever Smiles means you are getting a unique and fully-customized treatment plan designed to safely straighten your teeth and closely monitor your progress to ensure that your bite is the best that it can be. As a result, the cost can vary from patient to patient and should reflect the complexity of your unique case. From simple cases which only take months to treat, to very difficult ones which may take a couple of years, the benefits of having our team provide your orthodontic care will be well worth it. From our free initial consultation to flexible payment plans, we work with each patient individually to help them achieve a beautiful Forever Smile.

#3. Online companies promise straight teeth with little or no office visit. Does this work?

Heck, no! No visit means no monitoring. How can you be sure treatment is effective if you are not checking in? The reality is that the health of your gums, teeth and jaws cannot be monitored during treatment if you don’t come in regularly. Even the most carefully planned treatments need to be closely monitored to ensure that your treatment stays on course. Dr. Razdolsky and the team check each and every patient to ensure treatment is on schedule. And should a problem arise, they can develop a mid-course treatment correction as needed.

#4. On the internet I read I can have straighter teeth with clear aligners in just 20 months. Is this true?

Orthodontic treatment requires careful, controlled movements of the teeth to ensure they are moving into proper position. What’s more the type of appliance, whether brackets and wires or clear aligners also makes a difference in treatment. From simple cases which may only take a few months, to the more complex which may take longer, Dr. Razdolsky has the expertise to deliver great results in the least amount of time required for your unique case. What’s more, he stays up on the latest developments in the industry so he’s able to develop treatment using all matter of appliances to ensure the best possible care of your Forever Smile. It’s not worth the risk to have someone who is not a qualified orthodontist offer you treatment because of the possible irreversible damage that could occur.

#5. My teeth don’t look so bad. I don’t need braces.

There’s so much more to orthodontic treatment than meets the eye. Improved appearance is the most obvious result, but when teeth and jaws are aligned the function of biting, chewing and speaking are also better. So, a beautiful Forever Smile is not just the visible sign of good oral health, it sets the stage for overall well-being. Orthodontic treatment from Dr. Razdolsky actually plays a larger role in a patient’s healthcare than most people realize.

#6. I read before that orthodontic evaluation should be as early as the age of seven. It must be too late for me.

That’s not true! You are never too old to benefit from orthodontic treatment. We see patients young and old and believe age should never be a factor when it comes to getting a healthy, beautiful Forever Smile. It is important to note however, that adult cases may be a bit more complicated and it may sometimes take a little more time and patience. That’s why it is critical that adult patients only seek treatment from a qualified orthodontist like Dr. Razdolsky. Through his extensive training, expertise and experience he can develop a treatment plan tailored to each patient’s unique situation or needs, and ultimately deliver the best overall result.

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