2023 Orthodontic Update & Seminar

Learning & Working Together for Patient’s Forever Smiles

Research shows that when dental professionals work together, staying up-to-date with the latest knowledge and techniques, it can improve a patient’s treatment results. It's essential for them to keep learning and honing their skills. That's why, as part of this commitment to our patients, Dr. Yan Razdolsky, Dr. Elizabeth Razdolsky Michalczyk and the Forever Smiles team host the Annual Orthodontic Update & Seminar.

For more than 20 years, and most recently just this past April, Dr. Yan has organized this event which features distinguished speakers and leading experts in the field. These discussions provide area dentists, hygienists, and their teams the opportunity to come together, share and learn about the very latest in treatment options for optimal Forever Smiles.

This year’s presentation covered the latest orthodontic treatments and technologies and featured three amazing speakers including our very own Dr. Yan and Dr. Liz, alongside Dr. James Murphy of OMHNA Oral and Maxillofacial Head & Neck Associates of Chicago.

Dr. Murphy’s informative discussion centered around surgical orthodontics, which is a powerful tool for correcting significant malocclusions or misaligned bites and dentofacial deformities. He explained how an interdisciplinary approach and close collaboration between the orthodontist and surgeon leads to the most optimal result for patients. Echoing the importance of an interdisciplinary team approach, Dr. Liz talked about how using 3D technology, clinical observation and radiographic clues can lead to earlier diagnosis of impacted teeth improving patient treatment outcomes through airway-centered orthodontics. And finally, Dr. Yan demonstrated various methods to correct gummy smiles, midlines, supra-erupted teeth, and Class III dental malocclusions, utilizing the latest technologies like Suresmile and Surgically Facilitated Orthodontic Therapy (SFOT). Through these cutting-edge technologies and techniques, he, Dr. Liz, and the Forever Smiles team can make treatments more efficient and effective for patients.

Overall, the seminar was a fantastic opportunity for dental professionals to stay updated on the latest techniques and technologies in orthodontic treatment. And for our patients, we think it's good to know that our orthodontists are always teaching, learning, sharing, and improving their skills to give us the best treatment options and results!