The Importance of Making (and Keeping) Your Timely Forever Smiles Appointments

Your Forever Smiles Orthodontists

We all get busy and sometimes it is hard to fit in just one more thing into an already hectic schedule. And so it happens… we may make our follow up ortho appointment only to reschedule it later. Or worse, we cancel it altogether leaving our treatment to take a back seat to other, ‘more important’ things. Just how crucial is that ortho appointment anyway? As it turns out, we have 10 reasons why making, and keeping your Forever Smiles orthodontic follow up appointments are paramount to the success of your treatment.

  1. Track treatment progress: By scheduling routine visits, Dr. Yan and Dr. Liz can keep tabs on your progress and adjust or replace your wires, braces, aligners or other appliances as needed. This keeps your treatment on track and progressing as anticipated. By postponing your appointment, you are delaying the treatment.
  2. Examine your teeth and bite: It is imperative your Forever Smiles orthodontists examine how your teeth move and how the bite is coming together to ensure that the treatment is progressing as planned.
  3. Check the condition of the braces or aligners: Examining the condition of the braces or aligners ensures they are functioning properly and whether any pieces or parts need to be replaced before they become problematic.
  4. Measure the progress of the treatment: In addition to observation, sometimes our Forever Smiles team may take measurements to compare them to previous visits to track the progress of your treatment.
  5. Take X-rays or scans: Some appointments are set aside for routine X-rays or scans to be taken to check the position of the teeth and roots and ensure they are moving correctly and to detect any potential issues that may arise. Missing these appointments could delay your progress.
  6. Review your oral hygiene: Our Forever Smiles team continuously assesses your oral hygiene so they may provide guidance to help maintain good oral health during treatment.
  7. Prevent issues: Your regular visits help us prevent any problems that could possibly develop while you're undergoing treatment.
  8. Address issues of pain or discomfort: Aligners or braces can be a pain sometimes. Making and keeping your regular ortho appointments allows Dr. Yan and Dr. Liz to help resolving any problems you might be having.
  9. Ask questions: Your appointment is your chance to ask questions and discuss any concerns you may have about your treatment.
  10. Maintain a healthy, attractive Forever Smile: Orthodontic treatment can help improve the appearance of your smile and increase your confidence. Regular appointments can help ensure that your smile remains healthy and attractive.

As you can see, there are plenty of worthwhile reasons to make and keep your regular orthodontic appointments. It all comes down to the success of your treatment and a beautiful Forever Smile as the reward. Let’s not forget, following the completion of orthodontic treatment, periodic checkups can help prevent relapse and ensure that your Forever Smile stays put. When that time comes, we may just have another whole list of reasons why you should come back to see us.