Super Cool Kids Club

Most every kid naturally strives to find a way to fit in. It is a natural stage of development in social behavior that is an important part of shaping who they become. Parents should not discourage children from the pressure of fitting in. Instead, we should look to ways to support a child’s navigation and discovery of themselves and their role in their day-to-day interactions. Learning decision making and coping skills are a fundamental part of this developmental process, so cultivating these traits early is vital to your child’s ability to adapt to social environs in a positive and healthy way. At Forever Smiles, our Super Cool Kid’s Club program can do just that!

Developed for early orthodontic evaluation and observation of your child’s teeth for problematic issues that require monitoring, planning or perhaps early preventive treatment, the Super Cool Kid’s Club is designed for kids starting as early as age seven. Additionally, the program provides kids an opportunity to learn and become an active partner in their own health and wellbeing. Studies suggest physical and especially oral health play a leading role in a child’s developing mental health and a positive self-image. Further, experts agree that learning, understanding and ultimately being able to actively participate in one’s oral health treatment instills confidence and mindfulness in the relationship between oral health and a positive self-image. Win-win!

Dr. Yan Razdolsky, Buffalo Grove Orthodontist for Children and Adults reminds parents of the importance of having their child evaluated as early as age 7. “While most kids learn and begin to take better care of their teeth by the time their permanent teeth erupt, this is not always the case,” said Dr. Razdolsky. “Early observation with our Forever Smiles team helps patients understand what to do and look for in caring for their teeth. This often helps reduce pain and expense from unnecessary treatments that can otherwise be avoided through proper care and maintenance.”

Indeed. Through the Super Cool Kid’s Club, Dr. Razdolsky and the team will look for any concerning issues with your child’s bite, relationship between their upper and lower jaws, and how the teeth are spaced along the jaws. They will take X-rays and look for possible signs of habits or issues which need to be addressed or otherwise could develop into bigger problems down the road.

“The beauty of having the Super Cool Kid’s Club is that we discuss findings and possible treatment plans, if necessary, with the parents and the child,” said Dr. Razdolsky. “This makes the child an advocate in their own oral health and treatment. It’s amazing how many kids return to us as adults and share with us how much it meant to be a part, and in their eyes, in charge of their own treatment,” he added.
As a member of the Super Cool Kid’s Club, kids are seen twice a year for evaluation and their record updated with any changes. Upon completion of the appointment, club members get to spin the Kid’s Club wheel to win a prize and also get registered for a monthly grand prize drawing. Kids can also earn extra grand prize entries for losing a tooth, referring a friend, or even hosting a Forever Smiles teaching event at their school! So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get your kids signed up, super-psyched and in-charge for a healthier and happier them with the Forever Smiles Super Cool Kid’s Club.