We're Really Into Research

Forever Smiles is proud to announce that we are part of the National Dental Practice-Based Research Network. This consortium of participating practices and dental organizations is committed to advancing knowledge of dental practice through research-based studies to improve clinical decision making. This new partnership will allow our office to offer our patients the latest technological advances in treatment materials and techniques, as well as participate in upcoming clinical trials to improve patient care nation-wide.

What makes this so important for you, our patient? Through affiliation with other dental health care providers and academic centers, Forever Smiles can research new opportunities for treatment and share expertise within our community. There's strength in numbers. This highly-successful network amasses topics and ongoing discussions regarding issues that directly impact patient treatment in daily practice by improving outcomes, satisfaction, and efficacy of treatment. Through his leadership and involvement in this network, Dr. Razdolsky will help develop and share clinical research advances and engage in discussion with other PBRN members about scientific approaches.

Dr. Razdolsky has a passion for education, and at Forever Smiles we welcome any questions related to the science behind dental and orthodontic treatment.