2018 Artishock Contest

Dr. Yan Razdolsky, Anna and the entire Forever Smiles team are proud to present… the 2018 Artishock Art Contest entries! Showcased in our waiting area, these works of art are the students of Artishock Art Studio’s depiction of this years’ theme, “Smile around the world.” The goal of this awesome contest is to encourage students to reflect on the happy things in life and through the use of creative expression and self-awareness, create an entry that expresses their feelings about the things that make them smile.

Forever Smiles sponsors this annual competition to provide exposure to the talented kids of Artishock. Students ages seven and up submitted their drawings and paintings that describe their understanding of the world, what they think, their dreams, environment, family and friends, and things of importance to their lives. Like the Artishock philosophy, this contest fosters a lively discourse stimulating children’s natural wonder and curiosity in the more formal foundations of color, shape, line, texture, space and composition.

Similarly, Forever Smiles believes it is critical to develop a fun and nurturing environment for our patients - helping them to learn, grow and share ideas that make them a part of their community. This Artishock contest is great because it puts kids and their observations of the world around them front and center, as well as introduces them to concepts and elements of art in the environment.

Honored to host this contest for six years, Forever Smiles has awarded several scholarships and art supplies prizes to winning students. In addition to showcasing the more than 125 original works from Artishock students, we also sponsor the annual Artishock Art Show where these prizes are awarded.

Entries are judged by you and we need your vote! The top two pieces with the most votes in each category win art scholarships and supplies. Voting is going on now in our reception area and on our Facebook page at Vote today!