Bracket Chatter - September 2016

Tips, Tricks & Reminders

Those of you learning to incorporate new routines and responsibilities into your daily life can find braces challenging at first. And those of you that have had braces for a while may think these tips and tricks are old news. Either way, we think everyone should find a formula that works for them and these tips, tricks and reminders can really help you on your path to a beautiful Forever Smile.

#1. Careful HOW you eat

There is a whole list of things you shouldn’t eat when you have braces. But did you know sometimes it’s just how you eat? Take your time and chew slowly. Lots of bent wires and popped brackets can be avoided if you do.

#2. Brush up after lunch

Besides just brushing in the morning and at night, you really should brush up after lunch. This helps keep food from being trapped in your braces and between teeth, which over time causes tooth decay. Lots of kids don’t brush after lunch... either there’s no time, or they just forget. A good tip... brush when you get home from school and before doing your homework. In between brushings, flosser sticks are great for dislodging trapped food which can make your braces look yuck.

#3. Be mindful when having sweets

Sweets and sugars can get stuck on teeth and over time cause yellowing or worse, toothdecay. Get in the practice of brushing up after sweets. Bonus... it will help freshen your breath which can be really great for your social life.

#4. Wear your bands

If you have hooks, wear your rubber bands all the time (except for when eating or brushing your teeth). Bands may hurt sometimes, but wearing them can stop the hooks from digging into or getting caught on your cheeks, as well as help your treatment move along as quickly as possible.

#5. Wear a mouthguard when playing sports

When you wear braces on the field, court or ice, you want to be sure to keep your teeth and gums protected from painful, unintentional contact. And at the same time you just want to play and be comfortable.

Much like the differences between generic boil-and-bite mouthguards and custom mouth guards, not all braces mouthguards are the same. Ask Dr. Razdolsky about mouthguards designed specifically for athletes with braces. He can advise best how to protect your beautiful Forever Smile.

#6. Have Fun!

Picking fun colors is a great way to express your personality and have fun.

Multi-colored bands can be matched up to lots of wardrobe choices, or you can even show your school spirit. Bright colors can be cheerful and radiant, while darker colors, such as dark purple and navy blue can make your teeth look whiter. But remember, color doesn’t really matter if you keep your braces clean.

#7. Keep your appointment and be on time!

Every month we pick a patient for our “On-Time” winner. To enter, just come on time,  have the front desk sign your appointment card and  drop it in the box. This month’s winner is Karen P. Congratulations!

What really cool tip have you learned since you started wearing braces? Share it with us at or on and maybe you’ll make out next list of Tips, Tricks and Reminders!