Lingual Braces Take Treatment behind the Scenes

Let’s be honest: while braces can align teeth and improve your bite at any age, we all know there are ages in which braces tend to be more of a rite of passage.

It is common for tweens and teens to sport a mouth full of metal or ceramic brackets and arch wires. But adults aren’t always so eager to don that look, even if it means a brighter smile awaits at the end of treatment.

Scientists understand and have responded to the demand for more aesthetic orthodontic treatment options that get the job done in record time without the need for traditional braces. One such solution is lingual braces.

Lingual braces are a popular request among:

  • Adult professionals
  • People of all ages who are concerned about wearing braces that show
  • Musicians who play wind instruments
  • Adults and teens who participate in contact sports

iBraces is a brand of lingual braces, which are bonded to the back of the teeth instead of the front. No one you come in contact with will even notice you’re in orthodontic treatment. Dr. Yan Razdolsky has offered this type of treatment for years at his office in Buffalo Grove. Lingual braces by iBraces are entirely customized for each patient according to the shape of their teeth.

This system moves teeth efficiently and effectively, thanks to intelligent wires and brackets engineered to deliver the targeted results identified by Dr. Razdolsky. No matter how crowded, crooked and out of whack your teeth are, Dr. Razdolsky can guide them into their proper position using this system.

Dr. Razdolsky often takes this aesthetic form of treatment a step further by combining lingual braces and SureSmile technology to not only provide treatment that isn’t visible to others, but treatment that is completed in record time.

“By using lingual braces in combination with SureSmile, we can accomplish the most precise movements in the least amount of time,” Dr. Razdolsky says. “All of our lingual cases so far were for adults who were choosing treatment options based on either professional or aesthetic considerations. This treatment approach has given them the smile they wanted in a shorter time-frame, which has made them exceedingly happy.”

SureSmile makes it possible for Dr. Razdolsky to move each tooth to its targeted position in a more direct path than can be achieved with traditional braces.

SureSmile calculates all of the customization needed to deliver Dr. Razdolsky’s treatment plan. This customization is accomplished by using robotically-bent arch wires created to our specifications. These precise arch wires cut treatment time by 30 percent.

As with all forms of orthodontic treatment that are available, you must be evaluated to determine if this particular type of treatment is a good choice to correct your specific orthodontic issues. We invite you to contact our office today to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Razdolsky. We will take a full set of digital X-rays and photographs. Then Dr. Razdolsky will conduct a thorough assessment of your teeth. From there, we will compile this information and offer a treatment recommendation that will most effectively address your orthodontic needs.

Lingual Braces