Flossing Tips From Forever Smiles Orthodontics

We all know the importance of brushing our teeth on a daily basis. Just as important, but sometimes forgotten, is flossing. Flossing on a daily basis is important for so many reasons; fighting gum disease, to prevent tooth decay, prevent halitosis (bad breath), to prevent tartar build-up, and also to reduce the risk of heart disease. We understand that the thought of flossing with braces or retainers in your mouth seems like a daunting task. That’s why, at Forever Smiles, Dr. Razdolsky, Dr. Vij and the clinical staff always take the extra time to go over flossing techniques with patients and parents. In addition to the verbal instruction, a video on flossing techniques is shown and available for viewing anytime on our website.

Dr. Razdolsky and Dr. Vij recommend a couple different devises to make flossing easier on your part. A floss threader guides the floss underneath wires and into difficult areas. A newer devise used for flossing with braces is called a Floss Fish. The Floss Fish uses regular dental floss and goes under the wire and between brackets so you can floss normally with braces on. We also recommend a Water Pik. Water Piks are useful along with brushing and flossing to effectively remove plaque and improve gum health.

Just remember, as challenging as it seems to floss with braces or retainers, it is extremely important to your overall health, and just one more thing you can do to make sure you stay smiling for years to come!