Dr. Razdolsky Offers Candy Buy Back Program For Scary Halloween Treats

BUFFALO GROVE, ILLINOIS-  It’s a scary time to have braces. Frighteningly sticky, crunchy and ooey-gooey Halloween candies are soon to invade the trick-or-treat bags of children (and a few adults) across America.

In response to the impending attack of ghastly sweets, Buffalo Grove orthodontics provider Dr. Yan Razdolsky is offering to buy back candies that pose a threat to the stability of orthodontic appliances.

“A small piece of sticky candy may not seem like a huge risk to braces, but such treats can cause serious damage to brackets and wires,” Dr. Razdolsky says. “We want to reward patients who are mindful of their orthodontic health.”

Troublesome treats that are eligible for the candy buy back program include taffies, sugary gums and chocolates with chewy fillings, such as caramel. Candy corn, jellybeans, gummies and small, hard candies like Nerds should also be avoided. These sweets can easily become entangled in brackets and wires, often causing them to break or bend.

“If it’s sticky, crunchy or takes more than a few seconds to chew and swallow, it’s just not safe for braces,” Dr. Razdolsky says. “Instead of taking a chance, donate it to us.”

One pound of nightmarish candy will be exchanged for five tokens. These tokens can be redeemed for awesome prizes from our braces-friendly treasure chest.

Perhaps you’re thinking we are going to bury these dangerous goodies in a candy coffin. Instead of letting pounds of delicious sweets go to waste, we will ship these treats to our members of the armed forces serving overseas. If you know a member of the military who is stationed abroad, please let us know. We will try to send a special care package to your loved one.

Despite our warning against dangerous candies, we don’t aim for our patients to live on a depressing diet of applesauce and soup. We want you to enjoy the festivities of the season, including trick-or-treating. Soft chocolates without chewy fillings are perfectly safe to enjoy. Freshly baked cookies and ice cream treats are also great alternatives to frighteningly sticky candies.

Please send us your scary treats prior to our candy buy back deadline of Nov. 15. If you have any questions, please call our office.

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