Dr. Razdolsky and Forever Smiles Spotlighted On “The U”

Our typical visitors are braces-clad children and their parents, but we recently welcomed guests of a different sort. Camera crews from WCIU “The U” stopped by our office recently to spotlight Dr. Yan Razdolsky’s incredible smile services and kid-friendly approach to treatment.

Word of our cutting edge technologies and commitment to community reached the ears of WCIU. They are set to feature Dr. Razdolsky and the exciting happenings at Forever Smiles in a monthly series for the next year on “You & Me This Morning.”  This upbeat show kicks off mornings by highlighting intriguing and positive topics in the community.

"We are thrilled to have this incredible platform to offer insight on the orthodontics industry,” says Buffalo Grove orthodontics provider Dr. Razdolsky. “The benefits of orthodontics are life changing, and we hope to communicate that.”

The first feature will focus on the daily operations at Forever Smiles and Dr. Razdolsky’s impressive background in orthodontics. Dr. Razdolsky has steadily left his mark in the field since the late 1980s by identifying innovative treatments, establishing a series of patents and giving hundreds of instructional lectures to fellow orthodontists from around the world.

The Forever Smiles team is excited to share what makes our practice unique with viewers across the Chicago area. We cater to the needs of young patients who may feel uneasy about braces by breaking down the treatment process into terms they can understand. Our use of advanced technologies reduces discomfort and helps to accelerate treatment.

“We hope these features can be a catalyst for pediatric orthodontic treatment in the area,” says Dr. Razdolsky. “A properly aligned smile can bring about so much confidence, and it provides dental health benefits.”

Our ability to create scenarios for ideal oral health is heightened when parents follow the American Association of Orthodontists’ recommendation of having their children evaluated by age 7. This is another piece of important information we hope to convey during our partnership with WCIU.

Dr. Razdolsky’s feature debuts Oct. 21.  “You & Me This Morning” airs Monday through Friday, 6-8 a.m. Central time.