Athletes Can Receive Free Mouthguards for Summer Sports

mouthguards-buffalo-grove-ilThis summer, Buffalo Grove orthodontist Dr. Razdolsky is providing free, custom mouthguards for athletes ages 7-13 to ensure their smiles remain protected while frolicking on the field.

Dr. Razdolsky’s concern doesn’t lie simply in dislodged brackets and busted hardware.

“Serious lacerations and tooth damage can be caused by a blow to the face – even when the child isn’t wearing orthodontic appliances,” says Dr. Razdolsky. “We are offering these mouthguards to help prevent such damage.”

Damage prevented by mouthguards doesn’t stop with lacerations, chipped teeth and dislodged brackets. Wearing a properly fitted mouthguard also thwarts jaw fractures and possibly concussions.

Councils for the American Dental Association recommend that people of all ages wear properly fitted mouthguards during any sporting or recreational activity that has risk for injury.

Even sports that aren’t considered “contact sports” have risk for injury. Take the following circumstances for instance:

  • Wild pitch in the batter’s box
  • An aggressive spike at the volleyball net
  • A cleat to the face during a soccer goal attempt
  • An elbow to the jaw while blocking a lay-up

And while there are several types of mouthguards, including boil and bite and ready to wear stock types, custom-fitted mouthguards remain the gold standard when it comes to protection.

“We prefer custom mouthguards because of their excellent coverage and snug fit,” says Dr. Razdolsky. “With that said, any mouthguard is better than no mouthguard. We are happy to inspect your current guard with a ‘fit-check’ to ensure it is providing adequate protection and your child hasn’t outgrown it, which is another common issue.”

Mouthguards don’t last forever. Because children are constantly growing and the teeth of those with braces constantly moving, it’s important to make sure their guards continue to fit properly.

“A guard is like a seatbelt,” says Dr. Razdolsky. “It only protects when it fits and is worn properly.”

If you’re a parent who is interested in a free mouthguard or “fit-check” of your child’s current guard, call us to schedule an appointment.

Have a fun summer; play hard, but safe!