We’re Sharing the Art & Science Connection With Artistic Youth

BUFFALO GROVE, ILLINOIS- February is National Children’s Dental Health Month and some students from a local art studio will celebrate it in style Feb. 17 when they come to our office for a field trip.

Students from Art Studio “Artishock” are coming to our Buffalo Grove orthodontics office to learn how Dr. Yan Razdolsky combines art and science during orthodontic treatment to create beautifully balanced smiles for his patients.

“I’ve always enjoyed the pairing of art and science to correct bite, jaw and alignment discrepancies, and it will be rewarding to show art students how art transcends oil and canvas,” says Dr. Razdolsky, who also is an Invisalign Teen provider.

Mrs. Talia Prilutsky, founder of Art Studio “Artishock” and an art teacher, learned of our fieldtrip opportunities while bringing her daughter here for orthodontic treatment. The studio teaches about 60 students who range in age from 4 to 15.

“Teaching art is not just about studio work,” Mrs. Prilutsky says. “There needs to be a combination of many experiences so the students have broader experiences to pull from when I give them a project. Fieldtrips are really helpful with that.”

Mrs. Prilutsky is excited that the students will learn about the features of the skull and the jaws, as well as the tools Dr. Razdolsky and his staff work with each day.

In addition to learning helpful information that will enable the students to draw the human form, the fieldtrip is a good experience that provides exposure to the medical field.

Following the field trip, Mrs. Prilutsky intends to assign the project “Smiley Faces,” which is related to what the students learn from Dr. Razdolsky. Our office will display the students’ artwork upon completion.

Mrs. Prilutsky says our office is a great exhibition space because it’s very kid-friendly. Also, several of the students at the studio are patients of Dr. Razdolsky.

“Having a public place and the opportunity to exhibit their work is very important for the students,” she says. “It builds self-esteem, develops confidence in self-expression, and creates a sense of pride and achievement.”

Art contests can also show children that taking part in competitions is an enjoyable and unforgettable experience, Mrs. Prilutsky says. Also, students get to see how their work impacts those who see it.

As for us, we can’t wait to see the artwork the students create based on inspiration they gain from the fieldtrip. Stay tuned, because we’ll host a contest in the coming weeks, where we’ll ask patients to cast their votes on their favorite piece of art. We will award a prize to the winning artist.