Katy Perry is Cool- Headgear is Not

BUFFALO GROVE, ILLINOIS— If you’re a teenager or the parent of one, you’ve most likely seen Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night” music video, where she portrays a nerdy girl turned party animal.

But as knock-out hot as she looks after a quick makeover by Rebecca Black, it’s difficult to erase the image of that god awful headgear she’s wearing before her transformation.

Luckily for patients of Dr. Yan Razdolsky, they won’t ever have to experience the humiliation of wearing such a device in public because Dr. Razdolsky is the leading Forsus Fatigue Resistance Device provider in Illinois.

What is Forsus, you ask? 

Forsus, a product of Unitek 3M, is a revolutionary device that corrects Class II malocclusions – or overbites- that occur when the upper jaw and teeth protrude past the bottom jaw and teeth.

In the past, fixed intraoral devices used to correct such discrepancies came with breakage concerns, extended treatment times and the unsightly appearance and inconvenience of wearing headgear.

“Young patients are particularly excited to learn that overbite treatment using the Forsus doesn’t require them to wear headgear,” says Dr. Razdolsky. “Headgear makes them look and feel different and even though the patient wears headgear at home only, it’s still a hassle if they have a sleepover. It has the potential to lead to teasing and insecurity.”

How does it work?

The Forsus device uses a unique coaxial spring design, which is attached to the patient’s upper and lower orthodontic appliance. The consistent resistance urges the upper jaw and teeth to shift backward while pulling the lower jaw and teeth forward.

Why is Forsus better? Its coaxial spring technology avoids stress-related fractures that are common in spring-powered devices.

The constituent parts of Herbst and many other interarch appliances used to correct Class II malocclusions are prone to breakage, according to a case report published by the People’s Journal of Scientific Research.

“The Forsus is an effective and comfortable fixed functional appliance which is very effective in repositioning the mandible in a forward position for the treatment of skeletal mandibular retrognathism,” the report states.

The consistent force applied by the Forsus also leads to shorter treatment times.

“Headgear doesn’t work when the patient doesn’t wear it,” says Dr. Razdolsky, who also uses SureSmile and Invisalign technology to straighten smiles. “Forsus doesn’t rely on patient compliance because it’s a device we install in their mouths. It does its job 24 hours per day.

Forsus is nearly invisible due to its placement, which means no one has to know your child is wearing it.

Forsus allows parents to give their children the gift of a beautiful smile.