Drop Everything You are Doing and Smile!

Do you have a big, toothy grin? If so, you probably aren't too unhappy with your smile. Studies show, that smiling makes you happier, and being happier about your teeth helps you smile more. Together, we make peoples lives better by giving them a better smile and a functional bite.

If you aren't comfortable smiling big, and certain types of braces have caused you problems in the past, you are in luck, because today's orthodontic techniques can turn your life around! For example, we have lingual braces, that are placed behind the teeth, so you can smile confidently even before your braces come off.

We are also pleased to offer the next generation of x-ray technology at Forever Smiles Orthodontics, the Cone Beam 3 dimensional x-ray. Being able to see your teeth, mouth and jaw from every angle allows us to improve diagnosis, resulting in better, more efficient treatment.

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