Going Green at Forever Smiles

Dr. Razdolsky’s Orthodontic Practice, Forever Smiles, has been taking the steps needed in making both offices more environmentally-friendly. Dr. Razdolsky decided to go Digital and Chartless over 8 years ago. All of the x-ray machines are digital, resulting in the lowest radiation possible, going out in the sun for a day would expose you to more radiation then our digital x-ray machines. We have also incorporated an ICat 3D Cone Beam technology into our practice 2 years ago. The ICat takes a digital 3D x-ray of your entire skull thus tremendously improving the diagnosis. A study was done by the Radiation Department at the University of Michigan which found that a regular Medical CT scan gives off 1200-3300 uSv, but a 10 second ICat Scan only gives off 34 uSv.

Both of our offices use a scanning system and a dedicated server to save all documents directly into the database which is available for viewing by patients or their family dentists on-line. We also use a paper shredding service that is 100% recycled.

Our website is a wonderful resource which provides useful information resulting in less printed educational pamphlets. Patients coming to the office for their initial orthodontic consultation can also complete the forms needed for their first visit on-line. There are many educational videos on the website and information about the upcoming events to keep our patients 100% informed.

Dr. Razdolsky and Dr. Vij are making a commitment everyday with their entire staff, to conservation. They will continue to find ways to recycle, reduce and reuse everyday to preserve our planet and its resources, so you can keep on smiling for years to come!