Summer Orthodontic Safety Tips, from Forever Smiles

Summertime is almost here! It’s time for camp, sports and lots of fun activities outside. Just remember some of these important tips for you and your braces!

1. If you need to wear a mouth guard for sports while in braces, just make sure that it’s not a custom fit mouth guard, you do not want to restrict the tooth movement. We can provide you a “one-size-fits-all” guard.

2. If you wear Invisalign aligners, you should still wear a mouth guard for sports. The Invisalign aligners will not work as well as a mouth guard to protect your teeth during sports.

3. Along with sports and activities in summer there is also the food. Who could imagine having a BBQ without corn on the cob, right?!?! You can still enjoy your corn, just cut the corn off of the cob first and then enjoy! Apples are another one that you will want to be careful with. Avoid biting into the apple, whole. Try cutting it into little pieces and enjoying it that way. Another item you will want to avoid will be ice. Cubes of ice are SO tempting when it’s hot and humid out, but biting into that cube could break a bracket right off.

4. If you are hit in the mouth, and a tooth gets knocked out, place the tooth in the vestibule of your mouth and call us right away. Either Dr. Vij or Dr. Razdolsky will see you even if it is on a weekend when the office is closed. You should also contact your dentist ASAP for him(her) to rule out tooth fracture. If your teeth are chipped or broken your dentist will discuss bonding procedure or a veneer.

5. Sports drinks are bad for your teeth and contribute to decalcification(softening of the enamel). Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and keep your teeth healthy.

Just remember, caring for your braces is only temporary, but your new, beautiful smile will last a lifetime!

-From Drs. Razdolsky, Vij, and the Forever Smiles Team of Grayslake and Buffalo Grove, IL