A Head Start for Healthy Smiles

After evaluating your child, Dr. Razdolsky may simply want to check your child periodically while the permanent teeth are erupting and the jaws and face continue to grow. However, if your child has a problem that requires attention, Dr. Razdolsky may recommend interceptive treatment. An early intervention takes advantage of facial growth and tooth eruption that can lessen the severity of a problem and frequently makes the completion of treatment at a later age less time-consuming and without extractions.

An interceptive treatment may be beneficial in:
* Avoiding fracture or loss of protruding teeth
* Assuring that the jaws and teeth meet properly during chewing and swallowing
* Eliminating adverse habits such as thumb-finger sucking, tongue thrusting and lip habits
* Correcting early alignment of teeth
* Enhancing proper speech development
* Evaluating breathing problems that may adversely affect normal growth and jaw shape
* Correcting crossbite, tooth grinding, tooth interference and lower jaw displacement
* Coordinating the extraction of primary (baby) teeth with the family dentist and allowing for proper eruption of permanent teeth
* Improving self-image

Orthodontic problems left unattended can adversely affect a child's speech, general health and self-esteem. A child's self confidence almost always increases when his or her smile is improved. An impact which should not be underestimated!